Chain of Fools!

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A chain is as strong as its weakest link. In this case we have a chain of fools!

I understand that Spring Break is a longstanding tradition for young people, however, there has forever been the expectation that one person’s actions would not jeopardize the well being of others.  I cannot imagine that the throngs of beach goers in Florida, for example, did not include at least one individual who had been exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

Now that individual, assuming there is ONLY one, will unknowingly pass the infection to others.  Let the sharing begin.

Just so you know, Spring Breakers, here are the stats regarding COVID-19 fatalities each day that you were partying.

  • Saturday, March 14                    404 Died
  • Sunday, March 15                       686 Died
  • Monday, March 16                      642 Died
  • Tuesday, March 17                      817 Died while you were drinking green beer
  • Wednesday, March 18                973 Died while you cleared your hangover
  • Thursday, March 19                 1,080 Died
  • Friday, March 20                           28 Died before 5 AM today

Just so you know, I’m not blaming you for the deaths of 4,630 loved ones that succumbed to COVID-19 while you downed an equal number of Coronas, but I will not feel guilty thinking that you might be responsible for someone else’s demise. Please do the right thing. Please do the moral thing, and come home to distance yourself socially like the rest of us have been doing. Just do your part!  There’s a check waiting for you!

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Today may feel like a beach day on Delmarva, but the recommendation is to stay at home and find a way to enjoy the warm day.

Temperatures should reach the upper 70’s to perhaps 80 degrees today under mostly cloudy skies. After some late night rain that lingers into the morning Saturday will be dramatically cooler when temps drop to the upper 50’s.


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