Not all needs to be doom and gloom

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For what its worth, Spring arrives at 11:50 PM.  I long for the spring times of old when we had nothing to worry about except our allergies.  I wonder how many of us are about to freak out when those symptoms appear.

Today’s temperatures will reach into the 70’s this afternoon after the morning rain subsides.  Friday will also bring warm temps although windy conditions will persist throughout the day.  Friday’s high temps could possibly be record breakers.

As the winter of 2020 winds down let us be reminded, in the midst of the current news climate, that we were blessed with a very mild winter where Delmarvans were able to keep their heating bills pretty low.

Some of 2020’s weather highlights thus far are

  • Nearly 3 full months of above average temperatures
  • Averaging exactly 5 degrees above normal through yesterday
  • No snow, no snow shoveling, and no snow plowing
  • Zero days where the mercury failed to top out below freezing
  • Reached 72 degrees in January
  • Reached 67 degrees in February
  • Reached 75.9 degrees, a yearly high, on March 13
  • No sub zero temps
  • Coldest morning low was 19.5 degrees on February 15
  • Zero snow days for schools

Let’s hope that spring will continue with the pleasant weather offering us hope that a beautiful future lies ahead for us all. Remember that the beautiful future is likely to arrive much more quickly if each American can do his/her part to stay healthy while keeping others healthy as well.

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