Today is NOT a snow day!

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Schools are closed today and for an extended period of time. Please do not treat these days as if they are snow days!

Kids and adults alike need to understand that this is not the time to congregate in large groups; nor is it the time to go shopping for extended periods of time, hang out in the mall, go bowling, go to the movies in large groups, or hang out on the street corner with your friends.  In other words, don’t treat it as a day of celebration like you would upon awaking on a school day with snow on the ground.

Each American must accept the challenge of doing his/her part to stem the growth of a virus we know little about.  We must do our part in reducing the possibility that any of us could contract COVID-19 and unknowingly transmit it to a loved one.

At the same time none of us should be frightened.  Simply make a few small sacrifices to ensure that we do our best to eliminate the problem as soon as possible.  In a nation that prides itself on an educated citizenry we need to show that we can learn a lesson from what has happened in Italy.  If we can, a return to normalcy may come much more quickly.

The CDC already says that closing schools for a couple of weeks may be insufficient.  They are saying that closings of up to 8 weeks may be more appropriate.  This would imply that the cost of mitigating the spread of COVID-19 is more likely to be in economic terms rather than in lives lost.

An important matter to consider is that our best chance at winning this battle is to reduce population densities as much as possible.  The virus is going to spread over time.  We need to make sure that the point at which the infections peak does not overwhelm the healthcare facilities.  The rapid increase in the growth rate is illustrated in the following graphic from 4 PM yesterday.

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President Trump is considering travel restrictions in parts of the nation if things worsen.  The more each of us can do now in voluntarily giving up some of our freedoms to move about and congregate makes the return to normal living come more quickly than it otherwise might.

If Americans do not choose to do their part the fear is that mandatory restrictions regarding our movements could be an option.  I shutter to think how that would go over for an extended period of time in this country we all love.

The weather for staying at home today offers partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the low to mid 50’s. Tuesday should bring temps up into the low 60’s under cloudy morning skies that will give way to lots of afternoon sunshine.





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    • I suppose that I could send a link to local school systems. In the meantime, I can forward the post to as many people as I know and perhaps you could as well. It would be a fine example of the power of exponential growth. Thank you for being a faithful visitor to my blog!

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