Put on a happy face

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In a week that has featured a worm moon, the declaration of a pandemic, the suspension of collegiate and professional athletics, the closing of schools, and the crashing of the stock markets, we now get a Friday, the 13th!

Are you prepared for Paraskevadekatriophobia? I know you can handle the small stuff; like Triskadekaphobia. If you don’t know what to do when things turn bad, then just put on a happy face.

Here is hoping that the good old USA can combat the COVID-19 pandemic like South Korea did rather than ignore it like Italy did initially.  In South Korea things seem to have leveled off while the entire nation of Italy is practically on lockdown.  Let’s get those tests out!

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) the United States has tested a TOTAL of 11,000 specimens for the COVID-19 bug. On the other hand, South Korea is testing 20,000 patients EACH day! C’mon America, we can do better than that!

There is the view among some that the growth rate of the coronavirus will be subdued as warmer weather approaches. Let’s hope so because the current growth rate from day to day in the USA is 29.4%. Climate experts are predicting a warmer than average spring and summer for the US.

Morning showers with embedded thunderstorms will give way to a mostly cloudy but rather warm afternoon as our Friday temperatures will reach the mid to upper 70’s. Saturday brings partly sunny skies with much cooler temps. We’ll only be in the mid 50’s.

Please be advised that all sorts of issues will arise as the result of Maryland closing their schools for two weeks. Please stay informed, practice good hygiene, and distance yourselves from others as much as you can. Don’t be foolish as evidenced by this quote from a Baltimore mother who was interviewed by USA Today: “I know some people who aren’t taking it seriously,” she said. “Honestly, that NBA player [Rudy Gobert] who got it after making fun of it and laughing about it, that’s the textbook example.”


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