Time to Change

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It seems like its always time to change things. Political change, sex changes, climate change, a diaper change, an oil change, a schedule change, a change in plans, loose change, and now time change. I’m not certain that there is 100% agreement among our citizenry on any of those forms of change; except perhaps for the time change. I can’t find anybody that wants to wake up an hour earlier to go to work tomorrow.

There is one thing that I wish would change. I’d like to see people trust experts in a particular field to give them useful information, particularly when it pertains to critical matters. Many people turn to the internet or their friends to get answers and advice rather than trust the expertise of professionals who have devoted years of study to their craft or profession.

As an example, in the event that we were exposed to a weather emergency you should not rely on me for critical information. You should turn to the professionals. This is just my hobby. I enjoy learning more about it each day and sharing what I have learned with you, but I am certainly no expert!

People cannot even agree on how to handle the behavior changes that the COVID-19 virus may require of us.  The World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control tell us one thing and our president tells us another. With all due respect, Mr. President, this is not your area of expertise.

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The saving grace is that today’s nice weather, with sunshine and highs in the upper 50’s, will be followed by a gorgeous Monday where the temps are likely to soar past the mid 60’s.

How did I arrive at this forecast? Well, I studied the forecasts of about four trusted sources that I look at each day, compiled the information and paraphrased it so that I could present it to you in a way you could understand and, hopefully, appreciate.

If you have suggestions on how this weather blog can be improved please send them my way. i’m open to change!


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