There have been other presidents, you know!

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Kids have no school and all of your favorite stores have sales.  It is just like Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt, Reagan and all of the others planned it, isn’t it?

I suppose that all we really know, or think we know, about the gentlemen on Mount Rushmore comes from the written words of historians and the letters and documents that they penned.  Years from now those who look back on presidents from the more modern era will also have video evidence of their accomplishments and transgressions together with their social media histories.  I find myself wondering what a school child 30 to 50 or more years in the future would think about our current times if/when they view something like this.

Of course, every story has at least two sides. I wonder to which side future generations of kids will be exposed? I say, show them everything and encourage them to draw their own conclusions.

Now that I’m finished wondering aloud for today, how about some mostly sunny skies with above average temperatures in the low to mid 50’s? Then we’ll add another 10 degrees for tomorrow and toss in a few sprinkles of rain.


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