40 Days Into a Rare Winter

Screenshot 2020-02-06 at 4.49.40 AM

We are experiencing a particularly rare winter.  It is possible that we may have not seen one like this since Jim Cantore had hair.

The day should begin with sunshine and end with clouds as Delmarva prepares for another day of rain on Tuesday.  Today’s high temperature should reach the upper 50’s.

Rain may develop late today and persist through the overnight hours into tomorrow afternoon.  We are expecting about another inch of rain on the lower shore.  Tuesday’s temperatures should again reach the upper 50’s.  It certainly is not a typical February.

For the first 40 days of 2020 we are averaging well above normal when it comes to temperatures.  The average daytime high thus far is 52 degrees and the average nighttime low is 34.  No wonder we’ve seen no snow.

Most of this week, with the possible exception of Wednesday, is expected to be warm with several chances of seeing rain.  Right now it looks as though we may experience our first cold snap at the end of the week.


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