What would Yoda do?

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Wisdom, where are you when we need you?  It is a difficult time to be making sense of our world.  In a “he said”, “she said” social media world disbelief on all matters runs rampant. Hey, even one person did not vote for Derek Jeter on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot!

In the world of weather we are heading into the last week of January with temperatures averaging 6 degrees above normal and no snow in sight.  What gives?

Today provides upper 50’s temperatures under partly cloudy skies.  Rain arrives overnight and will last through mid day on Saturday.

After the rain passes Delmarva will return to mostly sunny conditions and fairly mild temperatures into next week.

For those who like to dream, there is one trusted weather model that indicates a faint chance of wintry precipitation as we transition from January into February.  It is far too early to get excited about the possibility, but for those who will hang their hats on anything, “yes, there is a chance.”


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