It has been a remarkable two weeks.

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Peeks of sunshine mixed with clouds will dominate the scene today as high temperatures return to the low 60’s. It is remarkable that, two weeks into the new year, the Salisbury area is averaging 9.6 degrees above normal. In fact, there has only been one day this year where the high temperature averaged below normal. That was the 41 degrees that we reached on January 9. Can we maintain this trend?

No, we cannot. Once Friday arrives we will commence upon a period of at least a week, if not 10 days or more, where temperatures will reach highs that are below normal for January.

The next question on the mind of folks is whether the extended winter temps will be accompanied by any wintry precipitation. At this time forecasters cannot say with certainty that we will be exposed to any significant winter precipitation event over the last half of January. While it is always interesting to look at long range forecasts we must remember that anything beyond 4 days or so is nothing to hang your hat on. I can assure you, being the geek that I am, that I will alert you to any pending possibilities.

We will begin the return to normalcy tomorrow as temps begin to dip and the winds kick up. By the time Thursday arrives Delmarva will be visited by winter for its first extended stay of 2020.


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