Warm Kickoff to the Weekend

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The weekend kicks off with warm weather all across the eastern portions of the United States. Record breaking January temperatures are expected in many areas east of the Mississippi River.

The warmth unfortunately brings with it the strong probability of violent storms, tornadoes, flooding, thunderstorms, ice, wind, snow, sleet, and hail scattered about the region.

We will be the lucky ones in that we will escape any nasty weather today. Temps will certainly reach the upper 60’s as the bulk of the precipitation and violent weather wraps around us to the west and then the north. Winds should increase in velocity as the day wears on and the best chance of showers and storms will be in the evening and overnight hours into Sunday.

Sunday will see continued warmth with more records likely to be broken.  Showers will still be possible, but it is unlikely that Delmarva will be exposed to volatility like other parts of the Southeast and Midwest.



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