California Dreamin’

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For starters, I absolutely blew yesterday’s forecast! I missed the high temperature by 18 degrees and the thunderstorms never arrived from the south. On top of that I must have been in a fog because everybody else was, too! I’ll try to do better today. Maybe I can borrow President Trump’s Sharpie and alter my forecasts.

With the Christmas holiday approaching you may need a reminder that we are in the last few days of autumn.  Yeah, I know “all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray,” but winter’s arrival is still a few days away.  California dreamin’…..oh, never mind!  Just go for a walk. Be safe and warm!

For those too young to appreciate the aforementioned reference to California, I give you this. I hope it makes you feel better.

A cool down into the 40’s, followed by near freezing temps tomorrow, will remind us of what winter has in store for us.  At least the sun will be shining. How long will it shine? At least until the “Eve of Destruction”. That’s tomorrow!



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