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With showers expected in our area, on and off today and more likely tomorrow, it’ll be a good time to curl up with a book.

My wife and a bunch of book crazy ladies get together socially once a month to discuss (so they say) a book that they each have read.  It is interesting how books can bring a seemingly disparate group of individuals together and help them find common ground.

It is clear now, after many years, that it is the common love of books, for the most part, that binds them.  After all, this group of people is made up of mothers and grandmothers from diverse backgrounds in agriculture, boating, education, medicine, business, community service, and volunteerism.  Among them are Protestants and Catholics, Democrats, and Republicans (lots of them, I presume), wives, widows, and an astonishingly large number of cancer survivors.  Most of them wear a little bit of pink each day.  They laugh a lot, too.  It is, however, books that bind them and led them to learn that they had much more in common.

Looking back at my teen years, when I really developed a geeky interest in the weather, I can recall one special book, pictured above, that I read cover to cover several times in order to satiate my curiosity about meteorology.  I referred to it incessantly and, to this day, remember some of the special insights on forecasting that it taught me.  I’m sure the ladies will want to read and discuss this book next month!!!

Most of the showers will stay north of us today, I think, together with some wintry precipitation.  We’ll see warmer air rush in from the south with a better chance of rain tomorrow and temps in the upper 50’s to low 60’s. You can book it!




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  • This is one of my favorite posts! And today is Jane Austen’s birthday.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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