Showers and clouds are gone with the wind


Sunshine returns today.  The showers and clouds from the past few days have gone with the wind on this, the 80th anniversary of the Atlanta premiere of the classic film “Gone With the Wind”.

I have recently read that due to the current proliferation of the “cancel culture” in America and throughout the world that there are people calling for the film to just go away and never to be celebrated again, because it promotes some things relative to racial relations  and the Confederacy that are frowned upon today.

On the other hand, there are those who feel that there is much to be learned about our history if we’ll just take the time to view the movie as a reflection of where we were as a nation 80 years ago.  The thinking is that we can better appreciate the gains that we have made in the eight decades since the film’s release.

The debate is an interesting one.  I suppose we should be happy that we can have that debate.  You know the one.  The civil one!

When it comes to debating the weather all I know is that remembering the nasty weather of yesterday is going to make me appreciate today’s mostly sunny skies and seasonable temperatures.  Maybe that makes me better off.

We can enjoy the sunshine while it lasts because the clouds will creep back in tomorrow as we approach Christmas.  That gives thought to another debate.  Can we say, “Merry Christmas” and is it OK to sing “Baby, it’s cold outside?”

Personally, very little offends me.  I try to keep an open mind and listen to other views in a respectful fashion.  You let me know when you find me offensive by shoving my views down your throat.


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