A Good 15 Degrees Above Normal Today

cold front

Mid to upper 60’s temperatures are what we can expect today with cloudy skies, breezy conditions, and showers developing again by the afternoon.

A steady rainfall tonight, accompanied by falling temperatures into the day on Wednesday, will lead to a nearly 40 degree temperature drop by tomorrow night.

Most forecasters expect that the precipitation will end as a mix of rain and snow or, perhaps, even a changeover to snow by the time things wind down on Wednesday morning. Light accumulations of snow at the end of the event are possible. This may be very similar to the quick burst of snow we had on November 12 when a drastic plunge in temperatures accompanied the passing of the front and gave us up to an inch of snow.

Thursday appears to be the only sunny day this week. It will come, however, with high temps in the upper 30’s.



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