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Acqua Alta

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Devastating floods have occurred in Venice, Italy during the past few days, threatening not just a way of life for its residents, but also threatening historic architecture and irreplaceable works of art that hold so much historical significance.

The great church of San Marco, long visited by throngs of visitors and flocks of pigeons has recorded flooding of this nature 6 times in the past 1200 years, however 4 of those floods have occurred in just the last 20 years!

The Venetians are now mobilizing to combat the issue of “acqua alta”, or high water.  Much of the debate centers on whether or not climate change is responsible.

Delmarva will not see flooding anytime soon, but we do expect some periods of midday rain today and again late Saturday into Sunday morning. Mid 50’s high temperatures today will drop back into the upper 40’s to near 50 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday.



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