Salisbury MD

This Land is Your Land, This Land is Sondland!


Richard Nixon and comedian Jack Benny played a famous piano/violin duet on this date 60 years ago, November 21, 1959.

It seems like just yesterday that Donald Trump and Gordon Sondland could not quite agree on what tune to sing, what instrument to play, or what dance to perform.  Oh, it was just yesterday. I think maybe they should settle on a graceful Russian ballet and call it a day. That would be perfect. Which one would play the lead role in “The Nutcracker”?

Speaking of days, the days and the news of each day seem to be running together lately. Its sort of like our weather. Today will be a lot like yesterday with mixed clouds and sun and temps in the low to mid 50’s. We may see some showers on Friday.

Now we can only wonder what the last 40 days of 2019 will bring.



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