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A Tale of Three Cities


For starters, I want you to know that I modified the title of my original post. I can’t bring myself to plagiarize Charles Dickens!

Most of the eastern portions of the United States have been experiencing below average temperatures thus far in November. Geez, we even saw snow flakes last week on Delmarva. Yeah, I know, they’re everywhere!

With just under two weeks to go in November, where we’re averaging nearly 4 degrees below normal, many of us are wishing we could head south to Florida. Yet, even Jacksonville saw temperatures dip to 44 degrees this week. The only thing colder than the weather there is the Jaguars!

Pensacola, believe it or not, dipped to 29 degrees last Wednesday while Mar-A-Lago experienced a “perfect” 72 degrees under bright orange skies.

Here is the weird thing, though, about the November weather in Florida. While most of it has shivered under cooler than normal skies Key West has set an all time record with 234 consecutive days of temperatures of 80 degrees or above. Would you take that even with the humidity?

The last time Key West recorded a high temperature below 80 was when it dipped to 78 degrees on March 27 of this year. The streak is predicted to break within the week. Please make plans to weep for them!

Around here, we’ll be back in the 50’s today under partly cloudy skies. We’ll see a bit more sunshine tomorrow.


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