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Yesterday’s Catch 22

catch 22

That’s what yesterday morning looked like at sunrise. It is also 22 degrees at the time of this posting today! Temperatures in the 20’s are unusual for us in November, yet we’ve reached it 4 times thus far in 2019.

The dusting of snow that we had on Tuesday was the first measurable snowfall at the Salisbury airport in 30 years. Yesterday’s high temperature of 37 degrees was also highly unusual for the month of November, making it feel much more like January or February.

Temperatures will moderate today and tomorrow into the low 50’s under increasingly cloudy skies. There is a chance of rain overnight tonight into Friday morning.

The weekend may be windy and a bit unsettled as a nor’easter brews in the Atlantic. Currently it looks as though the heaviest rain will remain south of us and out to sea. It is, however, close enough to us that we should pay it attention.

I’m pleased to offer the animated Euro Weather Model below which allows you to see the projected forecast conditions for the next 10 days. Bear in mind that the accuracy diminishes the farther out in time the model runs.


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