Salisbury MD

Anafrontal Precipitation Today


A strong cold front will pass through our area today bringing rainfall along with a drastic plunge in temperature as the day wears on.  Highs in the 50’s will drop down into the mid 20’s overnight.

More often than not heavier precipitation precedes a cold front as it replaces a warmer air mass.  In the case of today’s cold front there is a good deal of moisture that is actually behind the front in the cooler air.  This is called an anafrontal event.  Consequently, Delmarva will be susceptible to a mix of rain and snow on the tail end.

Bear in mind that accumulations are not expected because the ground is so warm as a result of the past three days.  It would have to snow unusually hard in order for snow to accumulate and, even then, would only appear as a light dusting on grassy surfaces.  That is unlikely.

What is likely is that we have already reached our high temperature for today at midnight and that Wednesday will be sunny, windy, and cold with temperatures not escaping the 30’s.


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