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The final four days of October will each reach 70 degrees.

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The warm late October weather that we’ve experienced should continue through the end of the month, as daytime highs for each of the remaining days is likely to reach 70 degrees.

Today should be quite sunny while some clouds will begin to roll in on Tuesday.  Thick clouds on Wednesday will precede what looks to be a potentially soggy Halloween.

If the expected trend holds we will run our streak of consecutive warmer than average months to 7 in a row as March of this year was the last time that we recorded below average temps.

At the same time, unless we pick up close to an inch of rain (.85 inches to be exact) prior to midnight on Thursday, we will have run our streak of consecutive months with below average rainfall to 5 in a row.

Our recent weather trends are indicating that November and December may continue to bring us weather that is both warmer and dryer than normal.


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