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How would we get along without baseball?


Well, at least there is something they can agree upon! I’m sure the Houston Astros would like to rain on their joint victory parade and who knows what sort of storm may be brewing in DC when President Trump arrives for tonight’s World Series Game at Nationals Park!

President William Howard Taft began the tradition of presidential first pitches in 1910. For the past 109 years every American president has tossed the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game except…President Donald John Trump!

The news this week indicates that President Trump and Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred discussed the first pitch possibilities and agreed that it was not a good idea due to the political climate and not the weather kind of climate in America.

President Trump, in fact, agreed to arrive at the ballpark after the start of the game so as not to interfere with fan entrance to the game due to increased security. That is probably a decision that all fans can hail!

The only thing standing in the way right now is the expected rainfall this afternoon.  It does appear as though the rain will end and skies will begin to clear before the first pitch this evening.

Here on Delmarva we can expect showers and thunderstorms during the day.  They should end by evening and lead us towards a nice Monday.  Highs both days will be in the low 70’s as our mostly mild late October weather continues.

The easiest prediction of all, after last night’s game, is that that there will be a game 6 in Houston!


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