Salisbury MD

A Rare Sight

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I’m actually not referring to this rare yellow cardinal that was spotted in Florida yesterday; one of 3 such sightings in the US this year. Instead I’m referring to the near certain chance that Delmarvans will receive a good inch or more of rain today! That will be a welcomed sight as we have not seen that much rain since mid August. Bring it on!

The rain should become steady by midday with temperatures remaining in the low 70’s. With the passing of the cold front things will be much different on the back end.

Expect breezy conditions and much cooler temps on Thursday. We should top out in the low 60’s.

While today’s rain will be substantial it will not hold a candle to the devastation that Delmarva was subjected to today, 65 years ago. Hurricane Hazel left its mark on us on this date in 1954, and it was, perhaps, the worst storm that we’ve ever seen.


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