Salisbury MD

TGIF Weather

6 storms

You can certainly thank goodness for today’s nice weather.  With an unprecedented 6 tropical storms lurking on or nearby the United States we on Delmarva are in store for an absolutely beautiful Friday.

Imelda is battering Texas with extremely high levels of rain while Jerry is approaching the islands of the Caribbean.  Humberto, on the other hand, missed a direct hit on Bermuda but has whipped up the surf on the east coast.

We are waking up to temperatures in the mid 40’s this morning. We have not seen the 40’s is Salisbury since June 4 when it dropped to 49 degrees. Guess what’s coming.

We will see temps in the upper 70’s today under mostly sunny skies.  The weekend promises to be even more splendid as mid 80’s temps and bright sunshine will make for pleasant outdoor activity.  The heat should last into the beginning of the next week when autumn arrives.


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