Salisbury MD

A Warm Guacamole Day!


The day begins with a dense fog advisory until 9 AM. Most local schools are delayed 2 hours.

National Guacamole Day brings us warm upper 80’s heat with avocado prices that have dipped to a nationwide average of $1.16.  That surely beats the July average of $2.10 for an avocado.

While much of our warm weather comes from the south, so do most of our avocados.  Mexico is the source of 90% of our avocados in the United States.  The peak avocado growing season begins in November and lasts through early Spring.  So, eat up!  Guac on!

What does warm weather have in common with avocados?  A wall can’t keep either one out.  You can always throw an avocado over a wall if you crave one bad enough.

Today’s warm weather will be followed by a cool down into the 70’s on Tuesday.


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