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Signs of Summer Remain


We are all noticing the subtle changes in the weather that indicate the approach of fall.  The days, which for the most part are still comfortably warm, are not as stifling as they were just not long ago and the morning lows are not as warm as they once were.  Signs of summer, however, still remain as we enter its last full week.

Today should offer plenty of clouds with peeks of sunshine and temps in the mid 80’s.  Showers and thundershowers are possible.

Tomorrow will see a decrease in clouds with temperatures soaring to the upper 80’s.  Yep, that’s typical summer weather on Delmarva.

Also typical is an increase in tropical activity.  While there are several areas of concern in the tropics, none pose an immediate threat to our area.  The closest one, Tropical Storm Humberto, off the coast of Florida is expected to head out to sea where it will pose a maritime threat.

Our extended forecast, which should really be viewed for long range planning purposes and not viewed with 100% certainty, indicates that we may get a cool down into the upper 70’s by the end of the week.  That portends a beautiful start to autumn.


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