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Delmarva can count blessings this Sunday.

A family, who heeded warnings to evacuate due to Hurricane Dorian in North Carolina, saw their home pummeled by a tornado via their doorbell camera.  The video abruptly stops as the home is destroyed.

This video illustrates how isolated tornadoes, well away from the eye of a hurricane, can be devastating.  I believe that when authorities issue watches and warnings that people sometimes gamble unnecessarily with their lives.  Fortunately, this family did not.

Delmarvans, particularly those living away from the Atlantic Ocean coastline, can count our blessings today as we certainly lucked out.  Dorian’s path to the northeast combined with its increase in forward speed spared us having to deal with what folks to our south encountered.

What happened in the Bahamas is unfathomable.  As of today there are 43 confirmed deaths in what is clearly the worst disaster to ever strike the island chain that ranges from 60 to 90 miles or so off the coast of Florida.  There are reports that 70000 people are now homeless and that not a single boat survived the storm.

Be thankful for your beautiful Sunday.  We’ll see sunshine and a few clouds with temperatures reaching the low 80’s.


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