Salisbury MD

Its all their fault!


Fog is developing early this morning.

My late father married my mother on this date 70 years ago today.  Its all their fault that I became the weather nerd that I am today.  Can you believe that they encouraged me to follow my strange dream? What were they thinking? Were they thinking at all?

I’m not sure my father ever knew, but my mother gave me her blessing to climb to the roof of our home as a geeky teen, attach a flimsy and cheap anemometer and wind vane to the roof, run a cable down the side of the house into my bedroom, where I attached it to a battery powered display that rarely worked!

I thank and salute them for allowing me to pursue my interests.  I hope that there are many of you who also had your dreams nurtured by parents who wanted you to strive to fulfill them.

With that in mind, if my forecast for today is a bit off, please blame my parents!

Today will probably be the last really warm day that we’ll see for awhile.  Temperatures should top out near 90 degrees today before tomorrow takes a drastic dip into the upper 70’s.  It is expected that the approach of Hurricane Dorian will bring overcast skies to the area with much cooler temps.

dorian 5 am sept 4

It is still uncertain about how close Dorian will get to our area, but, as of the present time, the possibility exists that we may pick up  some shower activity by late on Thursday.  If the present track continues then the possibility of some windy and showery conditions will continue into Friday.  We’ll know more about that tomorrow as Dorian creeps slowly to the north.


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