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Those in Dorian’s Path May Labor Today

dorian eye sep 1

How can something so beautiful render such devastation?

With the uncertainty involving whether or not Hurricane Dorian will affect their lives along the east coast many Americans will be laboring this Labor Day in taking precautionary measures to ensure their safety.

Americans near the projected path of this ferocious storm who are contemplating evacuation will be gathering important documents, securing their property, stockpiling water and food, filling up their gas tanks, and going to the ATM to get cash.

TRIVIA:  Speaking of getting cash from an ATM, the very first ATM opened in the United States on this date in 1969.  If you had a need for cash the day before, September 1, 1969, you would have had to visit a bank to obtain it.

The weather on the shore for Labor Day will be pleasant with mid 80’s heat under partly cloudy skies.  Similar, but gradually warmer, conditions should remain through Wednesday this week before a great deal of uncertainty makes our late week weather difficult to call at the moment.  We’re really at the mercy of Mother Nature!

dorian cone sep 2 5 am

As of 5 AM this Labor Day Morning, Hurricane Dorian’s forward movement has slowed to just 1 mph.  Even after making landfall yesterday afternoon with 185 mph winds Dorian continues to batter Grand Bahama Island with 165 mph winds this morning.

The airport in Freeport is under 5 feet of water and the entire island is without electricity as the hurricane continues to move at a snail’s pace.  Imagine a storm like this moving between Salisbury and Ocean City for a period of 30 hours or more.

Dorian, currently sitting just 75 miles from West Palm Beach with Category 5 strength is prompting evacuations in Florida up to South Carolina.  Until the hurricane makes a definitive move and begins to pick up speed nobody can tell you with certainty where Dorian is headed.  

I can tell you, however, that it is not going to Alabama! It has a better chance ending up in Greenland.

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