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Shifty Dorian and the September Outlook

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There sure is a lot going on in the world of weather!

  • Hurricane Dorian seemed on a beeline towards the Florida coast as late as this past Friday evening.
  • The threat appeared to be particularly strong until the forward movement of the storm slowed considerably.
  • The decrease in forward speed will allow the hurricane to be swept up and around the high pressure system in the Atlantic Ocean in a clockwise fashion.
  • The high pressure system that will steer Dorian on a more northerly route was responsible for pumping an unexpected amount of warm and humid area onto Delmarva yesterday.
  • Today and Labor Day should see temps drop back into the mid 80’s after we reached an unexpectedly high of 92 degrees yesterday.
  • With the last day of August topping 90 degrees the records for the 62 day period, including both July and August, will show that 33 of those 62 days saw the mercury reach 90 or higher.
  • As we begin September the data shows that Salisbury is running exactly 3 degrees above normal for the year 2019.
  • June, July, and August are running a nearly 5 inch deficit in rainfall when compared to our normal amounts.
  • The September forecast for our area includes temperatures that are expected to average above normal on the east coast as indicated in the graphic at the top of this post.  Keep the AC running!

With Hurricane Dorian now seemingly headed for a possible landfall in the Carolinas residents of Delmarva should begin to pay a bit of attention to its location, speed, and intensity.  If Dorian continues on its current path, then the earliest Delmarva could be affected would be on Thursday at the earliest.


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