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Chesapeake Bay Now in Dorian’s Cone

dorian cat 5

The Bahamas are about to be blasted with a Category 5 hurricane that will apparently be as ferocious for them as Hurricane Michael was for the US last fall. The winds have increased around the eye to 160 mph!

The potential devastation for those islands, which are expected to be pelted with hurricane force winds for as much as 24 hours, is unimaginable.  Storm surge of up to 15 feet of water on top of possibly 15 inches of rain is something I would respect.

Forecasters have been spot on over the past few days in their short term forecasts, 2 to 3 days out.  Notice how the cone of uncertainty in the graphic above widens as we look beyond that time period.  With that in mind you should be aware that the southern Chesapeake Bay now appears in the cone overnight Thursday into Friday.

Does that mean we are in the bulls eye?  No!  It means that we could be in a few days. Remember that anybody who tells you they know exactly where Dorian is headed is lying!


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