Salisbury MD

Record Breaking Summer Continues

Screenshot 2019-08-16 at 8.57.58 AM

Mid 90’s heat is back on the shore today and again tomorrow.  It will remind us that we still have a month of summer remaining in 2019.

Folks are beginning to wonder if we’ll ever get a break.  Weather records have been kept since 1880.  In that entire period of time the hottest month on record globally was July of this year.  Think about that.  You just experienced the hottest month on the planet since records have been kept.

Here is something more unusual.  The earth has just completed 415 consecutive months of above average temperatures!  That is every single month for more than 34 years!

Here, in Salisbury, 2019 is averaging more than 3 degrees above normal!  The last below average month we experienced was March of this year and that was just one degree below normal.  Hmmmm!


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