Salisbury MD

Not as wet as Woodstock


One thing that many think of when reflecting on the Woodstock Music Festival that opened 50 years ago today was the rain and mud that a half million people endured for a few days.

woodstock weather

Even then, just like today, conspiracy theorists had their opinions on the muddy mess in Bethel, New York.  Some people claimed to have seen airplanes in the area seeding the clouds at the direction of fascist pigs to ensure that the throng of hippies would be drenched with rain.  I wonder what state of mind some of those people were in when making that observation!

We may see a little rain again today under cooler conditions.  I do not think we will see a lot though because I’ve not seen any government planes flying overhead. Nor have I seen a pig. I’m sure, however, that I spotted a fascist or two!

Low 80’s temperatures today should be followed by variably cloudy skies tomorrow with highs in the mid 80’s.

Peace out, everyone!


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