Salisbury MD

August Picks Up Where July Left Off

unsettled thu

A new month brings the same sticky weather.  Although temps may be a bit cooler to begin the month of August we can expect to deal with heat and humidity and a chance of scattered thunderstorms.

The thermometer is expected to reach the upper 80’s today and perhaps just the mid 80’s tomorrow as unsettled weather slowly marches to the east.  The unsettled pattern means that we can expect to see scattered thunderstorms for the next 4 or 5 days.

I picked up .19 of an inch of rain late yesterday. Some areas south of Salisbury received considerably more. The nature of the storms over the next few days is that some of us may see drenching rains while others will see very little or perhaps even none. Since the front that brought us yesterday’s rain is moving very slowly those of us who get a thunderstorm are likely to see it just sit there and rain itself out. It’ll be interesting to see who the lucky ones are.


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