Salisbury MD

The Streak to End at 9


The streak of consecutive days of 90 plus degree heat will end today at 9!  What’s even more remarkable is that 11 of the past 13 days have topped out at 90 or above in Salisbury and the two days that didn’t each reached 89 degrees.  Consequently, another way of looking at our heat wave is that Salisbury reached 89 degrees or more for 13 consecutive days.

A strong cold front, accompanied by thunderstorms, will pass through our area late today.  It is expected that some of the storms may be severe in nature.  After reaching a daytime high in the upper 90’s we will cool dramatically as Tuesday’s temps are not likely to get out of the 70’s.  Tuesday is likely to be wet as well.

Hopefully we can enjoy a few days without the sweltering humidity as the remainder of July promises to bring more normal weather.


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