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Conspiracy Theories Abound


We can’t seem to get enough of the moon and, for that matter, anything that we see, or think we see, in the sky.  Sometimes conspiracy theories abound!  I’d rather marvel at the achievements of Americans than believe everything I read on the internet.

Immediately after the lunar landing in 1969 there were those who loudly proclaimed that it never took place at all, but in fact was filmed in an Arizona desert or in an LA film studio.  I don’t know how these people justified the bouncing around in one sixth the earth’s gravity on a sound stage.

For decades before that people have claimed that the United States has imprisoned aliens in the western desert as well in order to keep Americans in the dark about our UFO history.  Area 51, as it is called, is currently in the news as there is a social media call for people to raid the area in September.  Don’t you love social media?

Yesterday we reached 98 degrees in Salisbury…the warmest day of the year.  Today will mark the 8th day of our heat wave as temps again approach, or even reach 100 degrees.  It is warm this morning as we wake up to 80 degree temperatures.

There are all sorts of theories about our weather.  There are scientists who claim that our climate is changing and there are those who have their own conspiracy theories about what is taking place.  Others think that we are simply experiencing a typical ebb and flow of weather patterns that have gone on for centuries.

While it is fun to think about why certain things happen, it is more satisfying, I think, to actually learn what is going on by observing historical data, looking at trends, analyzing the data, and making predictions about the future.  I do know that, for whatever reason, that 2019 is averaging a whopping 3.1 degrees above normal as of this morning.  That is significant.

I am predicting that our heat wave will last through Monday when a cold front will bring strong thunderstorms as it passes through our area.  Showers may linger into Tuesday when the thermometer may not get out of the 70’s.

This has to be true because you just read it on the internet!


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