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Heat Continues for Friday as Tropical Storm Threatens New Orleans

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As we approach the midpoint of July temperatures on Delmarva will continue to reside in the low 90’s under partly cloudy skies. This pattern of heat and humidity is expected to continue for several days.

Some of us will see pop up thunderstorms from time to time, of course. Last night my weather station was pounded with nearly an inch and a half of rain.

Meanwhile, forecasters are expecting a hurricane to develop near New Orleans.  That could spell doom for the Mississippi River area as flooding rains have already developed.  We will want to keep an eye on the future path of the moisture produced by the storm as it may well affect us.

Tropical Storm Barry is expected to make landfall, possibly as a hurricane, late tonight or Saturday. The slow moving storm will threaten the Louisiana area with lots of rain.

Imagine the water held by an Olympic size swimming pool and multiply that by 6 million. That results in an estimated 4 trillion gallons of water that is expected to inundate already flooded areas. Think about those folks as you enjoy another Delmarvalous summer day!



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