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Is this the new normal?

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We’ve just experienced the wettest 12 month period on the planet at a time when the jet stream has slowed down and is now moving in an undulating pattern that seems to accentuate weather extremes. As a result some places like the Mississippi River have been inundated with extended rainfall and Northern Europe has recorded all time high tempertures during this summer’s extended heat wave.

Locally we can expect our warm summer weather pattern to continue.  I know it gets hot every summer, but there is no denying that the temperatures we are experiencing now are above normal.  There are various theories as to why this phenomenon is occurring and there are also those who believe it is simply representative of the ups/downs that define normal patterns over an extended period of time.

I’m choosing not to share my opinion regarding this matter.  It’s 2019, and too many people get upset if someone doesn’t agree with them.  I’ll wait until 2020 when my vision becomes clearer!

Expect several opportunities for scattered showers and thunderstorms over the next few days with temps remaining near 90 degrees.  A slight cool down into the upper 80’s is expected after that.


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