Salisbury MD

The heat isn’t all bad.


The summer heat can make us uncomfortable at times, but it also brings us the beauty of some things that thrive in heat. Take time to smell the roses in this heat. That “take to time to smell the roses” phrase is not very original, is it?

Nor is my forecast very original.  It’ll be hot today and for the rest of the work week with temperatures reaching the low 90’s each day.  Rain chances appear to be few and far between.  That “few and far between” phrase is not very original either.

I imagine that 6 months from today many of us will be longing for the warmth of summer as we wake up on Christmas morning. For now,though, we are left to prepare for a bit of a heat wave through the end of this week. Waking up to 74 degrees this morning certainly confirms that a heat wave may be upon us.


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