Salisbury MD

There’s no backing away from the heat today.

Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 10.10.27 AMHot weather returns to Delmarva today as the thermometer will likely register a figure in the low 90’s.  It is fitting that I can salute the “hottest figure” in my life as my wife and I celebrate another wedding anniversary today.

I’m smart enough not to tell you how many years we’ve been married.  Even the world’s worst mathematician could then approximate my wife’s true age thus making me guilty of bad decision making.  Besides…she still looks 23 to me!

Today has a good chance of coming close to our high temperature of 92 degrees that we last reached on May 29 of this year.  The development of thunderstorms is likely this afternoon and evening.  In fact, we can expect to see scattered showers and storms over the next couple of days.


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