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Clouds May Obscure Tonight’s Jupiter Opposition

jupiter june 10 oppositionOur giant planetary neighbor, Jupiter, will be visible to the naked eye tonight, weather permitting.  In fact, with just a pair of binoculars Jupiter’s four moons will be visible as well.  I think, unfortunately, that we may have too many clouds around!

Speaking of clouds, we are waking up this morning to dense fog across Delmarva.

Jupiter will rise in the east and move across the southern sky as the night wears on, giving those with a backyard telescope, which is often less expensive than a good pair of binoculars, an opportunity to view the colorful giant planet.

The scenario is called an opposition because the sun, Earth, and Jupiter are aligned.

Showers and scattered thunderstorms are expected in our area with muggy conditions and temperatures in the mid 80’s.  Thunderstorms may linger into Tuesday morning, but we should see some sunshine during the day.


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