Salisbury MD

What will June bring after a warmer and wetter month of May?

coreopsisThe first day of June will feature a few more clouds than yesterday but similar temperatures, in the mid 80’s.  Sunday looks to be partly cloudy with a chance of scattered thunderstorm in the afternoon

With each of the past two months averaging more than 6 degrees above normal, if this trend continues to hold, June could be a brutally warm month.  Daytime highs in June for Salisbury typically average 84 degrees.

The beginning of the work week will be stunningly beautiful for early June as we can prepare to bask under mostly sunny skies and tempertures in the low to mid 70’s.  I recommend that you get out and enjoy nature’s surroundings.  By the time mid-June rolls around we should have a pretty good indication of what summer has in store for us.  At this time it looks as though next weekend will offer us pretty typical June weather with chances of scattered showers and thunderstorms and temperatures in the mid 80’s.


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