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National Burger Day brings the heat.

burger dayExpect temperatures to rise into the upper 80’s today, National Burger Day,  and tomorrow before they likely reach the sweltering 90’s by Thursday. The record breaking heat that has battered the southeastern United States for the last week is beginning to creep northward. It additionally brings with it the increased chances of thunderstorms.

Cities in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia set May records with the mercury topping 100 degrees.  While triple digit heat is unlikely here I would not be surprised to see us experience temperatures near 95 degrees by Thursday.

According to a national survey, the most popular burger in America is served at Five Guys.  Of course, McDonald’s has been around for years, but do you know what came to Salisbury in the early 1960’s before McDonald’s?  I didn’t think so!


Growing up with a brother and two sisters I have fond memories of my mother giving me $2 and asking me to ride my bike to Carrol’s where I was to buy 4 hamburgers, 4 orders of fries, and 4 Cokes to feed all of us.  She had the nerve to ask me to bring her the change!  All 52 cents of it!

How times have changed!  The chain of Carrol’s restaurants was bought out by a company that later became Burger King.  For the average price of a burger in America today  ($4.39)  I could buy 11 burgers, 11 fries, and 11 drinks!

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