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Let’s shoot for 92 today!

lindberghCharles Lindbergh had two primary concerns on this date in 1927 when his “Spirit of St. Louis” airplane took off from Roosevelt Field on Long Island, New York for his historic solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean towards Paris.  One concern was how much fuel he had and the other, of course, was the weather.

Published reports indicate that the weather in New York had been miserable for two weeks prompting Lindbergh to delay his attempt to skirt the Atlantic.  In fact, on the evening of May 19 Lindbergh was on  his way to see a play when a slight break in the weather had him do a u-turn and head back to where he had been staying to pick up a few hours of quick sleep in preparation for his journey.

The next morning at 7:52 he lifted off of the runway in a light drizzle and began his flight to Paris.  Records indicate that about 150 people witnessed the takeoff that morning.  There is a plaque signifying the historical event at the very spot where the “Spirit of St. Louis” left the ground.  It is located in a Best Buy in a shopping mall!

spirit of st louisThe official time of the 25 year old Lindbergh’s flight was measured at 33 hours, 30 minutes, and 29.8 seconds.  Now that flight takes an average of 7 hours and 20 minutes.

45 years later men flew to the moon and back.  We’ve come so far in 92 years!

We now have airplanes that can fly into the eye of a hurricane in order to deliver information instantly that helps protect lives and property.  I am certain that nobody dreamed that Lindbergh’s courageous exploits would eventually lead to improving weather forecasts.

Today will be a hot one on Delmarva as temperatures could conceivably reach close to 90 degrees.  By the time the sun sets today we may have experienced the warmest day of 2019.  We reached 88 degrees on both May 2 and May 19.  Hey, let’s shoot for 92 today!

A cool down is expected for Tuesday and Wednesday with partly cloudy skies and temperatures falling back into the mid 70’s.


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