Salisbury MD

An unpredictable week continues.

archie and jugheadThis week has been full of surprises.  The winner of the Kentucky Derby officially finished 18th, everybody in DC hates everybody else, and the first lady’s “Be Best” campaign enters its second year with the focus on cyber bullying.  I wonder if she knows anybody with experience in online bullying.

Expect some early morning clouds following our surprisingly cool night which will be followed by some sunshine in the afternoon. Temperatures should reach the mid 70;s again.  That’s what I’m expecting, but I also never dreamed the royal baby would be named Archie.

For those not familiar with the iconic comic strip Jughead is the one wearing the crown and Archie is the one with the orange hair.  I noticed that the guy with the orange hair is eyeing the crown!  Oh, the contempt!

Friday will probably be pleasant as clouds roll in which will lead to a pretty dreary Mother’s Day weekend.

There will be a chance of showers developing by Saturday afternoon before a steady soaking of rain sets in for Sunday. Maybe next year’s weather will be “bester” than this year’s.


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