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Today is probably not a day for the beach!

Screenshot 2019-05-03 at 9.02.42 AMOmaha Beach, the Kentucky Derby favorite, has been scratched from the big race in Louisville that ushers in the beautiful month of May each year.  On top of that it is supposed to rain cats and dogs all day making attending the race certainly not a day at the beach.  That probably won’t suppress the flow of mint juleps, but it may motivate the ladies to cover their head gear.

Today may not be a prototypical beach day for 2019, although I’m sure many people will be in attendance at Spring Fest activities in Ocean City.  Showers and thunderstorms may develop late in the day, but I do not believe that Saturday will be a washout.

Today and tomorrow will also offer slightly cooler temperatures, with highs today in the low 80’s.  Showers may fall periodically throughout the day on Sunday with tempertures in the mid to upper 60’s, but the greatest likelihood of that happening should be in the morning.


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