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500 Years of Art and Weather

davinci hurricaneImagine being studied and revered 500 years after you passed away. Well, Leonardo da Vinci died 500 years ago today…May 2, 1519.  Among his numerous accomplishments was his apparent ability to predict the weather!

Da Vinci’s sketches made between 1514 and 1518  predicted the vortex airflow patterns in hurricanes that were only discovered by meteorologists in the 1970’s.  Here is one such sketch.

davinci vortex

That’s pretty cool!  At a time when satellite technology, let alone cameras and video, was nonexistent Leonardo da Vinci interpreted storm patterns to take on this form.  Is there nothing this man couldn’t do? Well, I don’t know. He’s no Leonardo DiCaprio!

In honor of a great Renaissance man we’ll take a look at today’s weather at  Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome.


Meanwhile, back at home we can expect weather befitting of a grand master. We’ll see a pretty hot day today with temperatures rising to the upper 80’s. 90 degrees is not out of the question. There will be a chance of late day thunderstorms, followed by a slightly cooler Friday.

Here’s hoping that you can make today your own personal masterpiece!

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