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We all love sunshine!

love sunshineIt will not be super warm today, but it will certainly be sunny.  We can all expect the thermometer to register a high today in the mid 60’s.  There will not be much wind and most of us will enjoy a lovely spring day.

April heat will return tomorrow, with a few clouds, as the temps will climb to 80 degrees, or a bit above.  Right now it looks as though things will stay dry until late in the day on Friday when a front passes through giving us a chance for showers and thunderstorms.

This blog,  16 months into its existence, is still a work in progress.  I’ll remind you that I am not a pro, just a nerdy enthusiast.  I have been working the last few days to format things so that visitors to the site will be greeted with the current conditions and official forecast for the Salisbury area without having to read the trivial rubbish that I sometimes post.

Here are some important considerations for those of you who are as nerdy about the weather as am I.

  • If you are viewing on a PC or MAC you will be greeted with the official forecast.  All of my personal weather station data, stats, and other links will appear in your sidebar on the right.  You can scroll at your leisure and have access to anything you wish.
  • If you are viewing on a phone or tablet you will still be greeted with the official forecast.  In order to access all of the other links you will need to “click” on a post heading and simply scroll down. In either case you can access live, up to date, weather statistics as they happen.  You can also access sunrise, sunset and moon rise and set times, live radar, satellite images, and historical weather data.
  • As always, if you choose to “follow” the blog, you can receive an email with the day’s posting automatically in your inbox.



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