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It’s March and yet today will be one of the coldest days of the winter. Let it be!

let it beWarning!  Today’s post is written as my response to a couple of my readers who complained that my last few posts were too short!  Therefore, here is a little about the weather and a lot about the Beatles.  If you have time on your hands you can search for the 16 plus conscious references that I make to the British mop tops.

The Beatles released “Let It Be” on this date in 1970.  Wow, it’s been such a long and winding road.  With that in mind. let me see if I can whisper words of wisdom regarding our March weather.

Do you want to know a secret?  Not since the first day of February, when the mercury topped out at 28.6 degrees, have we experienced a daytime high below freezing in Salisbury.  We only had two such days in January, and yet we will come close to achieving just that today…the 6th day of March.  There’s not a thing we can do about it.  Let it be!

At least today we can proclaim, “Here comes the sun.” There is something about the way it moves that attracts us like no other to the approach of spring.  Let’s all come together and wish for spring with all of our might.  Tonight we can expect temperatures to dip into the upper teens to near 20 degrees.  I think we can all agree that we are ready for spring!  We can work it out!

Temperatures will moderate somewhat on Thursday, but still remain cold for this time of year.  More normal temperatures should arrive by the weekend but, of course, will be accompanied by rain on Sunday.

Less than a week into the month we are running close to 10 degrees below normal.  According to the experts, however, things should warm up during the last half of March, as evidenced by the following graphic.

march outlook

In the meantime we’ll have to deal with Mother Nature’s torturous sense of humor.  It’s been such a hard day’s night.  This will long be forgotten once the flowers bloom, the birds chirp, and the sun shines warmly on our shoulders.  Don’t let me down, Mother Nature.   I want spring so that I can forget yesterday.  Then we can get back to where we once belonged!  Alright, Jo Jo?  Got that, Loretta?

Once this nasty weather is behind us and spring settles in we can think about the American political scene.  Will the new left wing democrats start a revolution?  Will they give the president a ticket to ride?  Maybe they’ll send him back to the USSR,  And will anyone ever look at the president at the podium on Inauguration Day and say “I Saw Her Standing There?”  Ah, such is the day in the life of a weather blogger when he is challenged to write a longer post.

And now you’re probably thinking if I’d just made one more Beatles reference then the number would have been just seventeen, if you know what I mean!

I’ve written so much now, I could become a paperback writer.  I think I’m on to something!

If you’re getting bored reading all of this drivel just say goodbye, and I’ll say hello!  Oh, no.  There is no end to this madness.  Help!


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