Salisbury MD

Snow today. Gone tomorrow.

if it would snowI know that the early risers among us are looking outside at a dry ground and questioning why they have to spend the day with their kids, however, snow is expected to fall in Salisbury this morning before changing to rain this afternoon.  The following radar image from 5:30 this morning shows the snow moving in from the southwest.

530 radar

We will probably experience a couple of hours of heavy wet snow this morning somewhere around the 9 o’clock hour.  Sleet is expected to mix in and there could even be a brief period of freezing rain before the precipitation becomes all rain this afternoon.

The latest weather model projection for a noon snowfall, shown below, indicates that Wicomico County residents can expect up to 2 inches of accumulation, particularly west of Salisbury.  That still seems likely to me.

I will post again if conditions change.  Otherwise, plan on a bit of snow that all washes away by morning.


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