Salisbury MD

We are entering an unsettled weather pattern.

Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 1.42.18 PMThe next 10 days or so presents a difficult time for weather forecasters.  We are entering an El Nino weather pattern, where warmer than normal Pacific Ocean water causes a persistent stream of moisture across the southern portions of the United States.  This feeds moisture into the jet stream that tends to effect the southeast and the mid-Atlantic.

This El Nino setup will have us on the lookout for several opportunities to pick up substantial rain and, perhaps, even wintry precipitation.  Any frozen precip is likely to occur if the moisture enters our area during the colder hours of evening and early morning.

There does appear to be a chance of some wintry weather as early as Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  We should keep our eyes on that.  Clouds prevail for most of the week.  Rain is likely late today into Monday morning, with highs today in the upper 40’s that will moderate into the 50’s tomorrow.


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